Friday, April 23


"The American habit of eating large amounts of meat is a major threat to human health, the environment, small communities and farmers," according to experts at Johns Hopkins University. A conference at the Bloomberg School of Public Health covered "the tremendous public health ramifications of the American addiction to meat, which results mainly from meat's high saturated fat content" as well as "an anthropological account of America's obsession with meat. Dr. Sidney Mintz, a professor emeritus of Hopkins' anthropology department, showed that "meat eating is not an instinctive behavior, but a learned one. The increase in meat consumption in America may be explained by the fact that military personnel in World War II were served meat three times a day." Dr. Benjamin Caballero, professor and director for the university's Center for Human Nutrition, "dealt with the question of whether or not humans need animal protein in their diet. Caballero said that animal protein isn't specifically required by the body." Well, what do these people know? I mean, they're only the top academic experts in their fields, not the National Cattlemen's Department of Agriculture or anything.

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