Wednesday, June 2


That's what it looks like, even though I'm always a little leery of news coming out of wacked-out New Zealand. Still, it seems to be on the up and up: "In a comparison with the general population, a group of 6647 meat workers was found to have a higher risk of developing all cancers and almost double the risk of getting lung cancer. The risk was increased when workers were exposed to biological material in animal urine, faeces or blood. The new Massey University research, which supports previous international studies that showed an increased risk of leukaemia, lymphoma and cancers of the lung and larynx among butchers and slaughterhouse workers, has alarmed the meat union," the article goes on to say. (Via Vegan Porn.) So that's promoting cancer. Meanwhile, soy has been shown once again to fight cancer: A study of 1,700 women by the Shanghai Cancer Institute suggested the more soya they ate, the lower their chance of developing womb cancer.

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