Tuesday, July 20


It's long been alleged, and pretty much understood, but now it's breathtakingly clear that KFC's suppliers are involved in animal cruelty. And yes, that's above and beyond the standard cruelty inherent in factory farming and slaughtering. Video footage shows "slaughterhouse workers for one supplier jumping up and down on live chickens, drop-kicking them like footballs and slamming them into walls, apparently for fun." One KFC advisor said the tape "contains some of the worst scenes of animal cruelty that I have ever witnessed," reports The New York Times. "Prominent veterinarians, including those on the company's animal welfare advisory board, called for shutting the plant and dismissing or prosecuting its managers." But KFC, unsurprisingly, is sticking to other "tough" measures: "[T]hey said they would seek dismissal of the workers, inspect the slaughterhouse more often and end their relationship if the cruelty was repeated." Right, if the cruelty is repeated - and videotaped and sent to the New York Times - again. Meanwhile, for anyone who feels they need to see it, the footage will be available at kentuckyfriedcruelty.com.

The tape was taken surreptitiously by a PETA investigator who worked from October 2003 to May 2004 at a Pilgrim's Pride plant that won KFC's "Supplier of the Year" award in 1997. The undercover told the Times that he saw "hundreds" of acts of cruelty, including workers tearing beaks off, ripping a bird's head off to write graffiti in blood, spitting tobacco juice into birds' mouths, plucking feathers to "make it snow," suffocating a chicken by tying a latex glove over its head, and squeezing birds like water balloons to spray feces over other birds. Hmmmmm... First thought: Wasn't this "isolated event" that happened to be caught on tape the same thing that Virgil Butler talked about workers doing at his Tyson plant several states away? And Second Thought: Spraying feces over other birds sounds like a good recipe for listeria. Wonder if Pilgrim's Pride was ever... oh, that's right, they only caused the biggest freaking recall in U.S. history over their deadly listeria-packed poultry products.
In other words: Once again, cruelty to animals isn't just bad for the animals - it's bad for everybody.
UPDATE 7/21: Pilgrim's Pride says they've fired 11 of the people involved in the abuse. It's a good start, anyway. Also: HSUS demands Congressional hearings. Good luck with that one.


Virgil said...

It's funny how so many people didn't want to believe that this kind of thing happened back when I reported it, isn't it? I imagine there are still those that don't want to, but it is kind of hard to ignore it when it's on video, huh? The bad thing is that we will probably have to see quite a few more videos like this before something gets done about it. You are right in that they are trying desperately to play this off as an "isolated incident," but we all know that isn't the case. It is very widespread and not at all uncommon.

Anonymous said...

Why is it so hard to grasp the concept that we have been eating animal sourced protien since pre-history and for good reason.
I find it to be very arrogant (and ignorant) to view the wisdom of Native American, Aborigine, Inuit, traditional scandinavian and ALL un-urbanized, fourthworld people as being not only "wrong" because of thier inclusion of Animal protien, but to say that they would be better off without is blasphemous.

You can focus on all the emotion (which in many cases is warrented considering the way most animals are raised), or you can focus on the hard proof that diets inclusive of meat flat out work! How can you tell? Simple, reproduction of the tribal pattern (or in otherwords: genotype and phenotype being equal), and successful pattern replication over many many generations. Now tell me how many Vegan family's have you known who stay vegan for three generations with no groth and development disorders, reproductive difficulties, learning disorders or major disorders?

My point is simple...Meat is not actually the true problem. The true problems are uncontrolled population explosion, modern meat farming practices and excessive consumption of such miserable food stuffs produced by the KFC's of the world. TO demonize animal protien is as the saying goes, to "blame it on the rain".