Friday, July 9


Another perfect two-step by our crafty government "regulators:" All week they've been saying the FDA was going to finally implement the rules proposed in January to stop Mad Cow from spreading. Today, Friday [COUGH] the FDA announced they would be delaying most of these critical safety measuresfor up to two years. The only thing they put in place was a ban on brains and spinal material in cosmetics and pills -though many in the credulous mainstream media headlined the story as though the FDA had come through with what they'd promised.

UPDATE 7/10: "Consumer groups are upset the government is delaying rules intended to keep the infectious agent for mad cow from getting into the feed given to livestock," says ABC News, providing the FDA's exact rationale: The agency "wanted to stop cattle blood from getting into livestock feed. Also targeted was poultry litter, which could contain spilled poultry feed made with cattle protein. On Friday, the agency said that in addition to those restrictions, it had developed new ones and wanted to study all of them as a package."

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