Friday, August 27


Well, they can expect whatever they want, but that sounds like a tall order. "The Vegan Society, which was established in 1944 as the world's first vegan organisation, estimates there were 250,000 vegans in the UK at the start of the year but predict after the jubilee celebrations over the coming weeks [actually starting in October] there will be more than 500,000." OK... if you say so. Of course I'm dubious, but there are a couple eye-openers here: "UK sales of foods free from meat and dairy products have risen by 165% in the past two years (2000-2002), with dairy-free products alone rising 125%." And: "When the Vegan Society was created, its founder Donald Watson, who is now 94-years-old and spends his spare time climbing mountains, was restricted to eating just fruit and vegetables. However, vegans today can choose from meat and dairy versions of almost anything, from ice cream to bacon and fish-less fish fingers." Uh huh. We'll ignore that "fish fingers" business, but Jesus! Donald Watson is 94 years old and climbing mountains? I really had no idea. And of course the cynic in me can't help but imagine a Weekend-at-Bernies-type scenario where, as the original "vegan," he's not allowed to be publicly dead, and fellow vegans are, you, know, helping him up the mountain and all. But no, this is great, and I wish a very happy 60th birthday to our British comrades-in-arms and a hearty how-d'ye-do to Donald Watson!

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