Thursday, August 19


The Ringling Brothers and Barnum & Bailey circus is facing a federal investigation amid allegations that it allowed a young lion to die in a sweltering animal train crossing the Mojave Desert and then tried to keep key information from the government. Frank Hagan, a veteran Ringling Brothers employee, said that circus lawyers told him and others familiar with the incident not to talk with USDA officials who were coming to the circus train to ask questions. And the Barnum & Bailey deaths continue to mount: "On Friday, Ringling spokesman Johnson contacted The Washington Post to report that an 8-month-old elephant named Ricardo was euthanized at the center last week (8/7) after falling off a low platform and fracturing its two hind legs." Despite this clear pattern of abuse, contrary to the predictions in the article, the news seemingly had no effect in Denver, whose residents went for the "tradition" argument over the "humanity and common sense" argument on August 10th.

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