Monday, September 20


Hey, did you hear about the 40 tons of meat that was just recalled? 'Course you didn't! That's because once again it was recalled, say it with me, on a Friday! This time, though, there were two separate (unrelated) meat recalls that, you know, just happened to occur on that fortuitous (for the meat industry) day of the week.

The more interesting one is the pork chips, which I heard about via Vegan Porn. More than a thousand pounds of pork was recalled because microchips might be embedded in the meat. Mmmmm... that's some crunchy pork! Y'see, the pigs in question were part of a research herd that had been sent to slaughter without the proper notification that they had the chips implanted. Great. That's how the assembly line of death works - doesn't really matter if you're supposed to be there or not - the conveyer belt keeps moving, and meat comes out for the American consumer. If you had pork recently, please pay attention to any strange beeps you may hear.

The second one is more ho-hum... our old friend E.Coli, the deadly bacteria whom nobody notices anymore, even when it's potentially infecting 59,000 pounds of beef, which has already been packaged up and distributed to stores in Illinois, Indiana, Louisiana, Massachusetts, South Carolina, Virginia and Wisconsin. At least with the chips you have a chance of spitting it out once you hit something crunchy. I'll wager most people in those states, even those who may be currently having stomach pains or worse, have no idea this meat's been recalled. Great job once again, USDA!

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