Friday, September 10


As usual, this mainstream press report about the rights of ethical students to refuse participation in dissection of animals reduces the discussion to cartoonish terms: "Students squeamish about dissecting frogs and worms in biology class would be allowed to opt out of the well known rite of passage and instead learn about the anatomy of animals on computer software programs under a measure approved by the Massachusetts Legislature last night." Awwww, they're squeamish, isn't that cute? And again: "The legislation, prompted by students who object to the notion of putting slimy creatures under the knife, would add Massachusetts to the nine states that already allow alternatives to dissection." See, because the students in question don't have any ethical principles involved - it's just the "slimy creatures" thing. Bggleeaagh! Unfortunately for these "sensitive" youngsters, "it faces likely opposition from Governor Mitt Romney, who vetoed a similar legislation earlier this summer in part because he said it 'would send the unintended message that animal research is frowned upon' in Massachusetts, home to an extensive biomedical research industry." [my emphasis.] Oh, well, that motivation doesn't deserve any additional comment or anything, does it, Boston Globe? Yeeesh. Talk about "squeamish."

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