Friday, October 22


Not there yet, but getting ever closer: Here's two types of articles I've started skipping over as they're too plentiful and repetitive, but I'll stop to remark that that's a good sign of how common this is becoming: Here's one of a growing number of big-city upscale vegan restaurants, this one in Atlanta: "Lush is all-vegan and uses no animal products whatsoever. But owners Isaac Adelenge and Charlotte Macbagito create a savory menu and a relaxed, romantic atmosphere that will delight many non-vegetarians as well as strict vegans." Take note of the "but" joining those two sentences. I give that construction another three years, tops. And with new chichi cookbooks out all the time that serve veganism even if they don't go by that name (demonstrating our overlap with other emerging groups), there will be too many books like Elegant Dairy-Free Entertaining to mention individually. But they'll be out there, more and more.

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