Monday, October 4


OK, this is over in England, but it's still a pretty stunning development: McDonald's is hooking up with the Vegetarian Society in Britain, adding "Quorn burgers, yogurt, bagels and fruit toast to McDonald's menus" in an attempt to forestall its economic tailspin. The Vegetarian Society "is said to have gone to great lengths to ensure the production of the new options did not involve meat in any way." Good, but unless that's soy yogurt (doubtful), they didn't pres to make 'em all vegan. Baby steps, baby steps... right?

UPDATE 10/11: It's not just over in England any more: "In a nod to the growing number of vegetarians - and sensing a moneymaking opportunity," McDonald's has introduced the McVeggie Burger at 50 locations in New York City. The chain has previously test-marketed the McVeggie in smaller markets and in California, but Manhattan is a big step. If it can make it there, it'll make it anywhere, or so they say.

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Anonymous said...

As a Californian, I would say that NY has nothing to look forwad to from McDonald's McVeggie. It's terrible; it has a really weird semi-bbq sauce and it's texture is bad.