Tuesday, October 5


I love it when breaking political news intersects with our Meat Facts mission. The man chosen as Executive Director of the CIA has now pulled his name from consideration after a Washington Post report that "in late 1981, [Michael] Kostiw was caught shoplifting a $2.13 package of bacon from a supermarket in Langley, according to two former CIA officials familiar with the incident." At the time, the Post notes, Kostiw had been a CIA case officer for 10 years. And while we're on this story, what the heck does this mean: "In a CIA polygraph test, Kostiw's responses to questions about the incident and his past tours abroad led agency officials to place him on administrative leave for several weeks..." Um, am I the only one who finds that phrase "and his past tours abroad" intriguing? He was lying about the CIA work he'd been doing? I guess anything's possible if you're hooked on meat.

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