Friday, October 8


It's already a cliche - "It's not what you eat, but how much." Well, certainly eating one hamburger a day is better than eating ten hamburgers a day. But to a great extent, yes, it is what you eat, as a NYT article from a couple days ago explains. And guess what: If you base your eating around sensible plant foods, you can eat more food without adding calories! "People tend to eat a consistent weight of food," says Dr. Barbara J. Rolls, a professor of behavioral health at Penn State. The article continues: "When consuming a calorie-dense food high in fat, people are likely to eat more calories just to get in a satisfying amount of food. What increases food volume without adding calories? You guessed it. Water. And what foods naturally contain the most water? You got that right too. Fruits and vegetables. 'People given the message to eat more fruits and vegetables lost significantly more weight than those told to eat less fat,' Dr. Rolls said." So go ahead and eat MORE, not less, as long as you're eating good food instead of crap.

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