Friday, November 19


As all the stories stress, this is not the end, but it's certainly the beginning of the end. "The Speaker of the Commons, Michael Martin, last night invoked the Parliament Act, overriding the opposition of the House of Lords and bringing to an end almost 700 years of foxhunting in England and Wales. Within hours, the Queen gave her royal assent and the total ban on hunting with dogs will be enforced from February 18 next year." While pro-hunt thugs will continue to demonstrate, challenge in court, and generally make asses of themselves, the most they'll gain is a temporary reprieve in the form of a "compromise" for a couple years. The tide has turned, and at least on this one extreme example of animal cruelty, people have opened their eyes are are unlikely to simply close them again. The Tory leader oh-so-eloquently called for his fellow-thugs to "Cry havoc and let loose the dogs of war." Typical - even when they're picking fights, they let the dogs do all the work.

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