Tuesday, November 16


Cockfighting proponents, so clearly on the losing side of history, get more and more ludicrous in their desperate attempts to put a logical face on this naked barbarity, providing better entertainment than the bloodsport itself. Today the Supreme Court turned down an appeal from cockfighting supporters in Oklahoma (who have lost both at the ballot box and in courts), rejecting it without comment.

Listen to this: 'Attorney Larry Oliver, in filings at the court, said that the law was so vague that people could be arrested for watching blue jays fight in their back yard. "All birds fight by nature," he wrote. "This Oklahoma statute was drafted by radical animal rights people who exacted a constitutional overkill in their pursuit to ban everything associated with cockfighting."' Uh huh. Right, Larry. Arrested for watching blue jays. Dissenting from this view, Oklahoma Assistant Attorney General Sherry Todd said, "The right to conduct cockfights is not a fundamental right," adding that the law "does not criminalize the enjoyment and/or observation of the natural activities of birds in their natural habitat." Phew! Pass the popcorn, I'm gonna go watch some jays!

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