Tuesday, December 14


The NYT repurposed Hardee's slogan as the headline for its editorial bashing the 1,420-calorie artery-clogging Monster Thickburger, and I'm repurposing it again for this post about how meat can hurt you even if you don't eat it!

Now, we're not talking here about assults with meat by-products (or over meat-eating etiquette) but with meat itself. Tony Carr of Maine managed to seriously burn a store clerk's face with a freshly-microwaved hamburger after getting annoyed by store procedures, and Devlin B. Nelson got so upset about the temperature of a steak-and-cheese sandwich that he threw the sandwich at the manager, then threatened to kill her and blow up the restaurant. (All three new stories via Vegan Porn.)

Is it just me, or does all this overreacting and meat-shoving sound reminiscent of McBeth in the climactic rooftop scene from Scotland, PA? At any rate, it seems like some of these people should try dropping meat for a while and see if that doesn't improve their outlook.

UPDATE 12/17: Another from Vegan Porn: A punk named Ryan Cushing caused a crash that left Victoria Ruvolo in critical condition by heaving a 20-pound turkey through her windshield as the two cars passed each other on a 2-lane highway. Folks, please, we get the point. Meat's dangerous and stupid enough as is, you don't need to gin it up with supplemental violence.

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