Thursday, December 23


I don't wish death on anybody. For one thing, it's not a very vegan attitude, and for another, it's not a pleasant thing to wish. But given the number of people being executed already in our death-crazy country, if Stuart Alexander had gotten off without a death sentence, it would have been a miscarriage of justice. Why? Because this is the most extreme cut-and-dried case imaginable: A merchant of death and proven thug, whose main product is already killing people left and right through its patent unhealthiness, lards on top of that fecal contamination to kill even more people, then when told to stop that, he kills those multiple people directly with his own hand, while captured on his own surveillance camera and attested to by another person he attempted to kill. If this dumbass were spared death penalty, it would show that we really have no sense whatsoever as to what justice is in this country. As it is, it's sometimes hard to tell, but that would've sealed the deal.

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Steve Bremner said...

Yikes! Despicable creant, indeed!