Monday, December 6


"The Environmental Protection Agency has sued a kosher meatpacker, claiming it repeatedly exceeded pollutant limits at its plant in Postville. The lawsuit, filed Wednesday in U.S. District Court, alleges that Agriprocessors Inc. repeatedly violated the federal Clean Water Act." The EPA's lawsuit follows PETA allegations that Agriprocessors' slaughtering practices are needlessly cruel, violating the law. Boy what a shocker that they care neither about the animals nor about us, huh?

UPDATE 12/10: USDA probes beef plant accused of abuse and Meatpacker Makes Changes After PETA Charge. But wait...

UPDATE 12/14: Judge changes opinion on alleged abuse at kosher plant "The animals killed at a kosher slaughterhouse in eastern Iowa were treated humanely and died quickly, Iowa Secretary of Agriculture Patty Judge said after a weekend tour of the processing plant. 'What I saw today ... was humane. It was quick and there was absolutely no problem with the way they were handled,' Judge said Sunday. Oh, what you saw today. Hmmm. How to put this? Oh, fortunately, the AP spells it out for us in their headline: Tour of kosher plant reveals company's view of events

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