Monday, December 6


Here's a good interview with Rex Bowlby, Author of "Plant Roots: 101 Reasons Why the Human Diet is Rooted Exclusively in Plants" with some witty (if canned) repartee: Bowlby says "Would Nature have left our very survival-food-to chance by placing our protein source in mobile animals ('Hey, come back here!'), another mammal's milk ('Let's see, we tried the hedgehog and the seal-only 4,498 species to go.'), and under a hen ('Hey Trog, what do you think of this chicken placenta?') ...OR in 260,000 varieties of immobile plants spread over the earth?" and another good catchphrase: "Vegetarians didn't choose their chose them!" Besides this, Mickey Z digs into some crucial issues of how the American left fails to grasp veganism as the ultimate leftist issue, and how blowhards like Michael Moore sell out the future of the planet in order to play to a supposed regular-Joe base.

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