Monday, February 28


"Another Pittsburgh restaurant [dunno what the previous one was in Pittsburgh] has decided to stop selling foie gras after more than a month of weekly protests by an animal rights group. Every week, usually on Friday, about a half-dozen people from Voices for Animals would picket outside Le Pommier for about 45 minutes, said Jeremy Carlisle, part-owner of the French bistro on the South Side." Again, the role of the protesters in affecting the decision must be played down if not discounted entirely. "'It did play a slight factor in our decision,' Carlisle said. But he added that the restaurant was probably going to get rid of the dish anyway. 'We (the three owners) don't necessarily like it ourselves.'" The article also mentions another area restaurant that sounds suspiciously like it whisked the tortured goose off the menu as soon as it was advised that the picketing was about to start. You be the judge.

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