Thursday, February 24


I suppose the rationalization for people not considering hunters terrorists despite the group's record of shooting-to-kill multiple defenseless citizens every year is that the killing is "accidental." Same with this story, except once again, hunters' seeming predeliction for illegal activity as the basis for those accidents seems to get swept under the rug. "Jason Hoskey, 26, lit a campfire when he got lost hunting on Sept. 27, 2003. The fire spread after he fell asleep. Flames had been banned in the area because of extreme fire danger. Prosecutors said Hoskey also violated the ban by smoking several cigarettes." The fire in the Mendocino National Forest, started by Hoskey's illegal campfire, burned 6,058 acres and cost $33 million to suppress, and Hoskey's fine is set at $18 million. Hey, here's the silver lining - if he actually does find a way to pay it and gets financially wiped out, he can legitimately use that "subsistence" excuse for continuing to indulge in his hobby! (Killing, that is, not firestarting.) In the meantime, remember: Wiping out 6,000 acres of habitat, destroying an entire ecosystem or more, killing countless animals and costing our government millions in order to follow your cult: Not Terrorism. Setting an SUV ablaze in a parking lot: Terrorism. Got it?

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