Tuesday, March 8


Check this out, man! The Washington Times says: "Milk and dairy products do not promote healthy bones in kids and young adults, a Washington-based research group found after analyzing 58 studies." It continues with an explanation of the "calcium paradox:" "Though Americans are some of the world's highest consumers of dairy products, U.S. rates of osteoporosis and bone fracture also are among the world's highest." This is noteworthy because the research was released by PCRM, and has made a nice-sized splash in the national media, with multiple write-ups occupying the "Health" box of Google News for over 24 hours. Plus, although many of the treatments "balanced" PCRM's peer-reviewed research (it appears in the reputable journal Pediatrics) with dissent from such unbiased parties as the National Dairy Councill and Rick Berman's Conspicuous Consumption Foundation, one that reported it straight up, no chaser was... yes, the Washington Times. What a world.

Also, thanks to a CCF-rebutting press release from PCRM I learned that the oft-cited "censure" of the group from the AMA is not only wrongly reported, but has been recanted by the AMA itself, essentially averring that new scientific evidence has proven its old position wrong and PCRM right. Read it.

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