Friday, March 25


That's the question some people like to bring up about animal testing - after all, "a cure for cancer" is the holy grail of both science and rhetoric, used as a trump card in many hypothetical scenarios across many topic areas. But what if it's already here, it's just a cure people don't want to take? There is at the very least some interesting anecdotal evidence that might make the more serious-minded among us take a closer look at that question.

In the story "Heather: Vegetarian diet saved me from cancer" we hear that "Heather Mills McCartney claims a vegetarian diet may help cure cancer. The former model has joined husband Sir Paul in extolling the virtues of a meat-free lifestyle." She relates that after trying all sorts of drugs to treat her condition, "In desperation, I went to the States. The moment I arrived they took me off all my medication... Just 10 days of a strict vegetarian diet, wheatgrass juice and placing garlic poultices on my wound (Owwww!) and I was healed - as were scores of people around me, from addicts to cancer sufferers and non-insulin dependent diabetics." She added: "I managed to stay meat and fish-free for years. When I briefly went back to eating it, it coincided with my contracting cancer of the uterus. I vowed from then on that vegetarianism was the healthy lifestyle for me."

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