Friday, March 18


So I was checking back through the Vegan Porn archives for something, and came upon a post that referenced this blog: Cool! And I'm reading along in that one and it leads me to another,! Which is also cool! And which links to other blogs and/or sites I haven't even gotten to yet! So that's what this Internet thing is all about, eh?

I've read enough of these ones to know I want them in my sidebar and have added them there. But the biggest surprise of the day is when I go back to read some more of and - what's this? Neal Barnard is wailing away on electric guitar in a band? How did I miss this? Why didn't Neal ever mention this to me when I talked to him? I feel like I've just woken up from some kind of daze - I guess it's more accurately called "not paying enough attention." Anyway, check out all these other sites if you haven't already! (And if you have... why didn't you tell me??? )


veganfreak said...

hey, thanks for the plug! Glad you like the blog. Do you have an RSS feed around here?

Ryan said...

Thanks for the link... glad you liked the site! There'aren't a *lot* of vegan blogs out there, but the few that exist are quite good.

... Ryan (