Wednesday, April 20


A study of 190,545 men and women over seven years or more has found that "Eating a lot of red meat, and particularly processed meat, increases the risk of pancreatic cancer" - by a goodly margin. "After taking into account age, smoking status, history of diabetes, family history of pancreatic cancer and ethnicity, subjects with the highest intake of processed meat had a 67 percent increased risk of developing pancreatic cancer compared to those with the lowest intake of processed meat," according to this Reuters report. This is the flip side of another study noted earlier this month, where "a comparison of 585 pancreatic cancer patients and about 4,779 adults without the disease," showed that "the risk of the cancer declines as fruit and vegetable intake increases." It's hard to get more black and white than that, folks. I guess that's what makes complex multi-hued pyramids triangles so useful to certain groups of people.


Anonymous said...

Read The Whole Soy Story and learn instead of preach. Soy is associated with several types of cancer. It is not a traditional food of anyone. The way most vegans eat it is highly processed and over-packaged.

soyjoy said...

Your last sentence is certainly true, but the other two are patent nonsense. If you're going to claim for soy anything like the clear meat-cancer connection I've documented here with links to dozens of peer-reviewed clinical studies, you're going to need to provide your own links to same, not a tossed-off "read this book" comment. Thanks.