Friday, April 8


The one thing meat has plenty of, as its defenders remind us, is iron - which turns out to be a cancer risk for some: "Researchers estimate that up to 10 percent of Americans have iron stores high enough that, when coupled with excessive iron intake, could increase their likelihood of developing cancer," reports Reuters. The article continues that the problem arises when some people take in "higher-than-recommended levels of iron," which it notes is found in foods like red meat and liver. It concludes: "[T]his study suggests that people should be cautious about substantially boosting their iron intake - whether by taking supplements or going on an 'extreme diet' that's heavy in red meat, for example." Hmmmmm. Wonder what "extreme diet" that might be?

UPDATE: And before the "at least Atkins takes off the pounds" chorus chimes in, yeah maybe, but so does this. Perhaps Michael Moore could take a cue from this guy.

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