Friday, May 6


"Two animal welfare experts said they resigned as advisors to fast-food chain KFC after the company asked them to sign an agreement preventing them from speaking publicly about its policies on such issues as animal slaughter. Dr. Temple Grandin of Colorado State University and Dr. Ian Duncan of the University of Guelph in Ontario, Canada, said they stepped down from KFC parent Yum Brands Inc.'s animal welfare committee this week after being sent the agreement, which Grandin said would have required them to refer all media inquiries to KFC's corporate headquarters."

This is a well-deserved hit for KFC's PR, but it once again raises the question of why "animal empathizer" Grandin provides "ethical" cover for such scumbags. And what's up with this? "KFC spokeswoman Bonnie Warschauer said the contract was no different from previous confidentiality agreements members of the animal welfare committee, including Grandin and Duncan, have signed. 'It's just the same confidentiality agreement they've always had. We're just asking everybody to re-sign it,' Warschauer said. She did not specify why the company was asking committee members to sign the agreement again, and added that she did not know whether other members of the committee had signed it." Uhhhhh..... huh. Well, that sure makes sense.

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