Wednesday, May 25


Yep, but now that raw sewage is drinkable - with just a few hours of processing. "Don Lloyd dipped his empty bottle into a tank of water that six hours earlier had been flushed out of three nearby pens filled with thousands of hogs. "There, that's pig water," Lloyd proclaimed as he held up the bottle and tipped it back for a thirst-quenching chug. Lloyd's demonstration was to show just how confident he is in his system to purify the kind of putrid, waste-filled water dumped into hog waste lagoons across North Carolina." Mmmmmmm, sounds delicious and perfectly safe - just like that mad-cow free hamburger the British Agriculture Minister so confidently fed his daughter on live TV. Me, I think I'll pass on drinking "purified" hog waste-water, for as long as possible, anyway.

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