Wednesday, May 25


If you're in Philadelphia and you haven't yet signed up with Club Veg to go to the Phillies game on June 12, get on it! Here's Scott Geiger's message:

    This season is the first ever in Phillies history that veggie burgers (vegan) will be offered at the Phillies ballpark. And, vegan cheeseless veggie pizzas will be available for this game. After working with the Park for several years, Club Veg was finally able to get them to carry a vegan burger on a vegan sesame seed bun. To celebrate, we are having Club Veg day at the Phillies! Even if you aren't a baseball fan, we encourage you to come out to support the vegetarian food options.
Contact Scott at your earliest opportunity at

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pleather said...

I can't believe that in the land of the cheesesteak and hoagie (not to mention scrapple) that there's veggie options at the ballpark! Too bad I don't like baseball.