Thursday, June 16


Here's something the promoters of fish oil as heart-healthy neglected to mention, with potentially fatal consequences: "Fish oil supplements could trigger potentially deadly heart rhythms in people whose hearts already beat dangerously out of sync, doctors report today." The finding, from a study of 200 patients with implanted defibrillators, "surprised researchers who expected to find that fish oil guards against rhythm abnormalities in patients who need protection most." There are those surprised researchers again - maybe they ought to stop assuming animal products are going to protect health, and they won't get so many nasty surprises. Let's be clear here: The surprise wasn't just that fish oil didn't help these people - it was that it can kill them.


Anonymous said...

Interesting....I have been using Salmon oil and I take Cod Liver oil as a supplement for strengthening hair, skin, and nails with positive results, but then I don't have an unusual heart history.

Is there perhaps another alternative?

Anonymous said...

Have you tried Flax Oil and milled flax seeds?