Tuesday, August 30


OK, first of all, as in any such case there may be allegations flying that are not 100% confirmed, so I will preface this whole thing with a big "IF TRUE..."

But that said, the reported SHAC-like tactics of activists who have successfully shut down a guinea-pig farm in the UK must be condemned, loudly and publicly, by anyone who takes veganism seriously. When Pat Robertson calls for a foreign leader's assassination, it's damning that the Republican leadership with whom he fraternizes and works is silent. And it's the same thing with our movement. This stuff is beyond the pale, and if we don't disclaim it our ideology seems to collapse into it by default.

So you'll hear no applause from this quarter on this "victory" in the war over lab animals. "The Hall family at Darley Oaks Farm in Staffordshire said in a statement they would return to traditional farming in the hope that the remains of a relative would be returned to her grave. The family have also endured a paedophile smear campaign, the cutting of electricity and phone lines and regular protests. Farm workers and their families have also been targeted." This is shameful, and the perpetrators behind such stuff (other than "regular protests" of course) should understand that they are helping to destroy the credibility of all vegetarians with their violent zealotry. Grave-robbing extremists force family to close guinea pig farm goes one headline, and while it's sensationalist, it's unfortunately accurate. Great job tarring our peace movement as one of mindless violence, you cretins.

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