Tuesday, October 25


A spooky Hallowe'en edition of Vegcast, the Veggie Podcast, includes some truly scary news about avian flu, a whimsical song about a bag of candy, and a feature interview with Neal Barnard, the head of PCRM. While known for his groundbreaking work in vegetarian research and advocacy, Barnard also has a band, Verdun, that has to be heard to be believed. Plus, watch out for those Bloodthirsty Vegetarians. You can listen right away or head over to the VegCast site for more podcast goodness.

I know, I know, it seems like this is only a blog about a podcast. It's crunch time right now, and will be for the next couple weeks. But I'll be sure to get a couple things in here.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for this podcast. I had no idea Neal Barnard was part of a musical group Verdun. I went to Amazon.com and downloaded the 5 free tracks from their CD, and listened to them repeatedly on my MP3 player while I hiked up Mt. LeConte in the Smoky Mtns. The songs blew me away! So creative, so fresh! As soon as I got home, I ordered the CD. All CDs should be this fresh and creative. Thanks for introducing me to this great music!