Thursday, January 12


Of course they're coming out swinging on the elephants issue, shamelessly putting propaganda in the elephants' mouths, but in the background, Ringling Bros. and
Barnum & Bailey circus seems to be phasing out the use of tigers, which would be big news.

"The three-ring format, gone. So, too, the tiger act. Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey circus opened its national, two-year tour in Tampa on Wednesday night with its biggest format revision since the circus moved from playing under tents and into arenas half a century ago. The tiger act, a staple of the circus for years, was removed. Feld denied that protests from animal rights groups prompted the decision. Such organizations have turned almost every circus stop into an opportunity to protest, including the show's five-day run in Tampa. The groups say circus trainers mistreat animals when they teach them to perform in acts, a charge that Ringling Bros. denies. Tigers still have a role in the circus's
second touring unit, which played Tampa in 2005 and is now in the second half
of its two-year tour."

We'll watch to see how this plays out, but so far it's a good sign.

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Anonymous said...

ringling has gone w/out cat acts before. sometimes for as long as ten years. they always come back, and they will this time too. cat acts and cotton candy are part of what makes the circus fun