Wednesday, January 18


It would be nice if the Washington in that headline were our nation's capital, meaning a nationwide ban, but this is instead the state. Still, even proposed legislation shows that this issue continues to get traction in different locations as the indefensible practice is repeatedly brought to light.

"Rep. Brendan Williams, D-Olympia, has proposed a measure that would ban the process of harvesting bloated livers — known as foie gras, or “fatty liver” — and would ultimately remove the delicacy from state restaurants."

From the legislator: "Torturing an animal to make it tastier is not a proposition I support. There has to be some limitations on decadence when it comes to what we eat or what we do to animals." And the hoity-toity restaurateur, displaying that impeccable logic that distinguishes the defense of meat-eating: "It's probably not pleasant for the ducks, but it's probably not pleasant for a chicken to be slaughtered. I kind of feel like if we listen to these people, we’ll probably all be vegetarians." Exactly. So instead you keep your fingers in your ears, going "La la la la." Keep it up as long as you can, because you're gonna have to start listening sooner or later.

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