Thursday, June 1


That's a longstanding opposition which is certainly not news, but the man-bites-dog element here is that the fellow in question chose "Ethics." The producers of Cars wanted to name a "hippie" car after this locally-famous "free spirit," Bob Waldmire, assuring him a spot in movie history with a film that's sure to be seen by more than a few people.

But he turned them down. He refused to give Pixar permission to use his name.

"I am an ethical vegetarian," Bob explained. "After they sent me a letter asking for my permission, another local artist friend of mine, Bill Crook, mentioned to me that the movie toys are probably going be sold in Happy Meals at McDonald's. That made up my mind real quick. I couldn't have them selling a bus with my name at a McDonald's if I'm an ethical vegetarian." As it happens, Cars does indeed have a Mickey D's deal. And on this issue, at least, Waldmire has something that's in all-too-short supply these days - integrity.

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