Thursday, July 20


Here's a head-scratcher that either shows how dim consumers are or how entrenched our meat-protecting agriculture agency is - or maybe both: The story is that at least 29 people have fallen ill "after eating frozen chicken entrees that weren't cooked long enough to kill salmonella bacteria." Minnesota officials are urging consumers not to just microwave the chicken products, as specified on their packaging, but to bake them in the oven until they're at least 165 degrees. Um, aren't these "convenience" foods? Anyway, the kicker is that these products have already been recalled - "The U.S. Department of Agriculture issued a limited recall in March 2006 after the salmonella outbreak was identified. However, epidemiologists have found that new cases of illness continue to occur" - so consumers are being told, "don't eat that, throw it out. But if and when you disregard that and eat it, be sure to cook it in the oven." Meat-eaters are funny that way.

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