Monday, August 14


An ocean away, a completely different issue, but similar implications: "Chicago diners have one final week to feast on foie gras before the city becomes the first in the nation to ban the delicacy" says ABC News. "In April members of the Chicago City Council sided with animal rights groups and enacted the ban, set to take effect on August 22. Production of foie gras is already banned in more than a dozen countries, mostly in Europe. At least one famous Chicago chef has already instituted his own ban. Charlie Trotter took foie gras off the menu at his eponymous restaurant after seeing how the delicacy was produced. But many of Trotter's colleagues worry this new law is the first step on a slippery slope. 'The laundry list is now wide open," says [another restaurateur]. 'Lobster, veal, where does it end? Who draws the line in the sand and dictates what you can and can't eat?'" Hey, did someone say Slippery Slope?

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Anonymous said...

"It's like painting without blue" what the heck, I mean seriously, I've only been vegan since late June, but in 23 years I have never eaten Foie Gras and still had a pretty diverse omnivorous diet... He should be saying something like, it's like painting with out Chartruese (SP?) you can do without that color in painting and you can eat just fine with out eating a disease-Sean