Sunday, December 10


This one has nothing to do with meat-eating or plant-based diets or cruelty or compassion. It's all about the headlines, folks.

I'm here and now calling for a moratorium on the headline "Animal Rights and Wrongs" or the latest variation, "Animal Rights or Wrongs."

I know it must seem fiendishly clever to each new headline writer who comes up with it, but get this: It's been DONE TO DEATH. It's PLAYED. It's OVER. Yes, we get it - rights, then with a mind-boggling twist on the meaning, counterposed with "wrongs!" This amazing wordplay has only been used in about 17,894 HEADLINES SO FAR. Anyone who uses it after the point where I click "Publish" on this post is now officially A HACK.

In contrast, I laughed out loud when I saw this one, which I'm pretty sure (go ahead, prove me wrong) is fresh: About a proponent of the Genesis 1:29-based diet - "Eats of Eden." Bravo!

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