Wednesday, January 3


I know, I know, the trope of "this time they'll have to open their eyes!" is as old as animal activism, but I have to wonder: Now that the reality of global warming is accepted by all but the most fantastically delusional members of society, and now that the phenomenon's connection to animal agriculture has been so thoroughly documented, will Joe and Jane Average finally start to connect the dots? "Hmmmm... this burger... end of a habitable planet... gotta decide..."?

Here's just one bellwether, the science blog of the Houston Chronicle, wherein the meat-eating author resolves (yeah, yeah, New Year's and all) to eat less meat after reading the UN report, asking the musical question, Would you stop eating meat to save the planet? It's amusing how many uninformed knee-jerk condemnations flow in to the comments, including the completely straight-faced usage of "Animals were put on Earth for us to eat, and I'm happy to oblige." I realize there will always be that fingers-in-ears element, but I'm wondering if the humming will have to get louder and louder now that the facts (and of course, these facts comprise just one of many sound logical reasons for veganism) are becoming ever more in-your-face?

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