Monday, January 1


Hey, here's some cheery news that I just found out about, appropriately, on New Year's Day: The inestimable, the indefatiguable Gary Francione now has a blog! It's called "Animal Rights: The Abolitionist Approach."

At first I was totally ecstatic at seeing this development, as Francione limits himself to a paragraph or two per entry on the front page, and I assumed he had boiled his writing style down to that length. Then I saw the "Read More"s. Yikes!

Still, for those who may balk at cracking one of Francione's dense but essential tomes on Animal Rights and Animal Law, the blog is a great opportunity to get relatively quick, terse capsules of his thinking on veganism and its associated strategies.

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Gary L. Francione said...

Dear Vance:

Thanks for your kind words about my blog essays on abolition. For those people who would like some background discussion on animal rights, rights vs. welfare, animals as property, and animal law, I have 4 new Flash presentations on my website,