Thursday, January 18


That's what a new study indicates, according to a new study from Case Western University School of Medicine - prion proteins were found in milk, and were, like actual prions in meat, extremely resistant to conventional attempts to destroy them. It's just a preliminary study, of course, but yet another reason not to classify milk as a "health food."

UPDATE: On the lighter side, The Onion (via Vegan Porn) comes through again with a product that perfectly encapsulates why I always felt a little skeevy about milk even when I was drinking it copiously, and why I similarly feared cottage cheese once it got runny. "Whether you're spooning it atop your cereal or simply enjoying a tall, lukewarm glass, Morning Clots' chewy, full-bodied texture and old-timey flavor will have you saying 'It's Coagulicious!'"

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I can't figure out why this was every in question. Good post. Short, but informational.

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