Sunday, February 25


I find it quite suspicious that within the past year several plant-based foods have been involved in fecal-contamination recalls, not the least because plants don't produce feces - unless, of course, you mean meat processing plants. But what's more absurdly annoying, if utterly predictable, is how the mainstream media generate hysteria for each of these, spreading the specious meme that it's not just animal-based foods, but all foods that are bad for you.

So now it's peanut butter with salmonella. You've heard about that, haven't you? But I'm willing to wager that just in the past month, you haven't heard about

  • the chicken salad with listeria (1500 pounds)
  • the ground beef with E.coli (2 tons)
  • the chicken breast strips with Listeria (26 tons)

    ...not to mention the many meat & dairy products recalled for "underprocessing," meaning they may not have been cooked enough to kill fecal bacteria.

    Why haven't you heard about those? Oh, they're not a story - fecal contamination of meat is so commonplace it's not worth remarking on! Yet at the same time this silence allows the fiction to continue that eating meat is not a dangerous, ill-advised practice.

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