Monday, April 30


Milk has been previously, tentatively linked with Parkinson's disease, but this study should put the nail in the naysayers' coffin: Studying upwards of 50,000 men over nine years, researchers found that those consuming the most milk (3-4 glasses a day) increased their risk of Parkinson's by 60% over men drinking 1/10 that amount (note that there was apparently no control group of non-milk-drinkers). The results for women were not as definitive.

Getting into the 'why' question: "This study and previous ones indicate that calcium, vitamin D and fat are not responsible for the link between dairy foods and Parkinson's disease. One theory is that pesticides or other nerve-damaging toxins present in milk could contribute to Parkinson's disease over time. However, dairy foods would likely be only a small part of most people's exposure to these chemicals, according to [lead study author Dr. Honglei] Chen. Furthermore, pesticide residues may also be present in other foods, but no other foods were related to Parkinson's disease risk in this study, the researcher noted."

Y'see, it's a big mystery how milk could have such an extreme effect on brain cells when everyone knows it's a health food. So they're scratching their heads over what foreign element might be responsible - they literally seem unable to grasp the possibility that "pure, wholesome milk," as Robert Cohen used to say, can cause health problems. How many more dozens of these studies do we need to have before that's a given?


Anonymous said...

Ben Dibble is great.

Scott said...

I don't know who Ben Dibble is, but Vance is great! Keep up the great work in educating the public about the dangers of animal products! Hopefully we'll see you at Summerfest.

-Scott G

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As a matter of fact, Ben Dibble is great. But what that's got to do with this blog is the question. I seriously doubt Ben would take the time to leave such a comment. Hmmmmmm.... Jim?