Saturday, June 16


I can't tell if this represents a cultural shift or not, so I'm throwing it out to y'all so you can decide for yourselves.

For those not familiar with the ancient newspaper feature, the JUMBLE, it's a daily puzzle of anagrammed words whose ultimate solution, usually a pun, is hinted in a cartoon illustration. The values and mores represented in these cartoons are usually as hokey and retro as anything on Nick at Nite, if not closer to Norman Rockwell-era. (Note the Birth-of-a-Nation-era director's outfit, for instance.)

In this one from last week, though, the "director" here has a pretty cheeky question. Note that the solution, "THAT'S A WRAP," does not bear on his apparent anti-fur sentiment in any way, unless we're to presume he closed down the day's shooting upon being presented with an actress wearing fur. So I gotta ask - the JUMBLE thinks calling people out for the outmoded cruelty of real fur is normative? Great, if true.

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