Monday, June 11


Oh. My. God. You are not gonna believe what happened. There was this massive beef recall, see, involving 40,440 pounds of ground beef potentially contaminated with deadly E.Coli, produced by one of America's most famous meat companies and sent to Wal-Marts in 12 states. And here's the thing: Guess what day of the week this recall was announced?

If you said "Friday," you're a regular Meat Facts reader. Pretty freaky coincidence, huh?

And a blogger at Food Consumer reminds us that with seven more E.Coli cases in North Carolina, "in the last six weeks there have been at least six recalls of red meat and nearly 50 people sickened." Not a pretty picture, but the one that accompanies it is certainly cute. Kind of cuts right to the chase, no?

UPDATE: In fairness, there was another recall last week that occurred on a Tuesday... for 140 pounds of listeria-contaminated chicken breast that may have made it to what, five stores? That level of recall seems fine for non-Friday treatment. Hmmm.

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