Monday, July 9


Haven't read it, but this looks like an interesting tome, pushing the Vegan Freak and Vegan with a Vengeance envelope. Even Michael Greger's Carbophobia! didn't put it quite this starkly: "You are either a total moron if you think the Atkins diet will make you thin [or] you are a gluttonous pig who wants to believe you can eat cheeseburgers all day long and lose weight."

The frequent incoherence of the columnist covering this ("In context of the authors' earlier shock tactics, such suggestions [to go vegan] still surprise." Huh? How come? "If you're going to eat the junk, it may as well go in your trunk." Say whuzzah? "Tofurkey" Mmm-hmm.) is par for the course, but I tip my hat to her for choosing to cover it at all, and cluing me in to this book.

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