Monday, August 20


According to the Seattle Times, there's trouble a-brewin' in our nation's zoos over feeding horsemeat to the big cats. "It's definitely up for debate," said Kathleen Larson, Point Defiance's interim veterinarian. "Unfortunately, all people won't be happy until our carnivores are eating salad."

Uh, no, Kathleen. For the record, we won't be happy until 'your' carnivores are no longer held captive in 'your' zoos. But the point is, this is just one more issue pointing out the fallacious idea that wild animals can be kept in captivity for human entertainment without severe problems resulting. The best, most professional zoo in the world is still not completely prepared for everything (aside from freedom) a wild animal needs, and to put it lightly, most US zoos are far, far below that standard.

Good to hear at least some thinking going on in Columbus... "Don Winstel, the Columbus Zoo's assistant director, like representatives from several other zoos, said the switch six months ago was a pragmatic one as domestic sources for horse meat closed down. He also recognized that zoo visitors might be more comfortable knowing horse was off the menu. 'It's just more alien to people in the U.S.,' he said of horse-meat consumption. 'But, in reality, I'm not sure how to judge which animal should be butchered and which one should not.'" Hmmmmmm, good point, Don.

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