Sunday, August 19


"Patients who had received surgery and chemotherapy for state III colon cancer would be better off eating a so-called prudent diet as researchers found that eating a Western diet would increase the risk of cancer recurrence," according to a new study, which spotlighted red meat and dairy along with processed foods and sweets as making up the 'Western' diet.

"In response to the study news, the American Institute for Cancer Research (AICR) published a press release to emphasize the importance of plant foods in prevention of colon cancer. The AICR recommends 'colon cancer survivors follow the dietary advice known to reduce risk for colon cancer and cancer in general: aim for a diet high a variety of vegetables, fruit, whole grains and beans and low in meat and dairy foods.'"


Anonymous said...

i eat several different meats does that mean i'll get cancer?

Anonymous said...

why do people wrote horriblr things like that?

Anonymous said...

why do people wrote horrible things like that?