Saturday, September 1


If it's Friday, it must be meat recall time. This one is not for E.Coli that might cause a problem, but already has, and that was distributed throughout the Northwest. But did you hear about it?

UPDATE 9/4: This is an odd one - I'm trying to nail down whether it was a bona fide Friday Recall or a late-Thursday one (which, going into Labor Day weekend, amounts to the same thing) and getting conflicting info. Also, this source I've never heard of pegs the amount of meat recalled at a whopping 41,000 pounds (yes, that's a little over 20 tons of ground beef), but I look to the USDA FSIS page to settle such discrepancies, and here's the oddity - it's not there at all! Did the USDA give everybody in the department the long weekend off? What's going on?

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