Thursday, November 1


I know, eating plant foods is just as dangerous as animal foods, because don't you remember how there was that big spinach recall last year? And the peanut butter? And, like, a few years back there was a problem with green onions?

Meanwhile, if I hadn't checked the FSIS recall list for info on today's 3.3 Million-pound meat Pizza recall for E.coli (which has already caused more than 20 illnesses across 10 states - hear about this one?) I would otherwise have not heard (as you also didn't) of these additional meat recalls just within the past few weeks: 173,554 pounds of frozen ground beef products for E. coli; 1,900 pounds of ground beef products for E. coli; 8,200 pounds of frozen ground beef products for E. coli; and, in addtion to smaller recalls, 4,374 pounds of various cooked beef and chicken products that may be adulterated due to inadequate verification and documentation of processing activities as required by the establishment's Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP) plan. Hmmmm. That one kind of begs the question, adulterated with what? But the wise USDA realizes that we don't really want to know the answer to that.

Heckuva job, news media! Remember, when millions of pounds of meat products are found to be contaminated with animal feces, that's "dog bites man" - Borrrrring. But when the animal feces cross-contaminate plant food products, now that's a story!!! Crack out the Drudge siren!

UPDATE SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 4: Hey hey hey, another weekend recall to add to the crop - Over a Million Pounds of Cargill Hamburger Tainted with E. coli, and yes, that's the second Cargill recall in less than a month. How many people do you suppose will a) hear about this one at all, or b) have any notion that Cargill has had two separate recalls recently? Hmmmm, a real toughie.

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