Monday, January 7


Usually I'm here to tell you about recalls that you didn't hear about (due to the USDA's canny strategy in playing the media timing game) but this time, since I missed blogging all of December, neither of us heard about them. And it looks like I missed some November ones as well. Please note that I'm not excluding non-meat recalls for this period - that's all there is:

  • November 15: 98,000 pounds of frozen sausage roll products - Listeria
  • November 24: 95,927 pounds of ground beef products - E. coli
  • December 6: 990 pounds of beef and chicken products - undeclared milk (most common food allergy) and soy
  • December 10: 98,772 pounds of liver sausage - undeclared milk
  • December 17: 102 pounds of hamburger patties and bulk ground beef - E. coli
  • December 25: 88 pounds of beef patty product - Listeria

    And, finally, the one I just heard about, which was announced Saturday (ahem)...

  • January 5: 13,150 pounds of steaks and ground beef products - E. coli

    Yeah, Atkins can raise your health risk within a month - if you're lucky, that is, and don't happen to get one of these batches.

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